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Entreat me not to leave thee,

or to return from following after thee;

for whither thou goest, I will go;

and where thou lodgest, I will lodge;

thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.

... Ruth 1:16 ...



In Loving Memory Of My Father and Mother



Eric Evans and Mattie Evans









In making this website I admit to the fact that I have flagrantly pillaged large amounts of texts from various books, historical sources, and websites.

In terms of copyright I should have used quotation marks and reference notes. But I am not going to fall foul, like Richard Gross did when he wrote the 2nd Edition of Psychology The Science of Mind and Behaviour, where the whole book becomes then unreadable because of the copious use of quotations marks and constant references. Where you have said what I wanted to say you have done it beautifully. And besides which I do not have the time or the inclination to write my own thesises.

Wherever possible I have given you credit by quoting your book title, your name, and the book's identification number ... but only in relation to those large chunks of text. I am not going to cross reference every sentence. And the source notes are primarily there because I found the book interesting and valuable to anyone who wishes to investigate further into the subject. Some books I have used are old and you or the author is probably deceased but I am not going to make investigations to trace either you or your relatives so that I can seek permission to quote you.

Adverts and links appear where I think the website is worthy of visiting.

**When watching your browser you will see that it loads photos from different websites. I have had to do this because I do not have, in terms of copyright law, the resources to go back to these places myself and take the photo. Again wherever possible, photos contain the names of the artist or photographer. And permission, where required, has been sought from websites to use these photos. They are not stored in either my computer or my photo-files on the server who hosts this website, so they still belong to you.**

In order not to be unreasonable or objectionable, I would ask anyone who has complaint to the use of a particular photo to write to me with respect to its removal. Kindly remember however, that by displaying your photo, you are effectively being given FREE ADVERTISING for your work.

Midis or background music are on each page to entertain you while you read. Again these are linked and are not stored in my files on the Beepworld server. And links and advertising has been given to everyone who has contributed to the making of my website. Permission has been sought from anyone whose work is original. Likewise I am not going to seek permission from musicians for example Kylie Minogue, to use your rendition of their songs as I am sure you did not write to the artist in question when you acquired the sheet music and compiled the midi. As you are not the original artist I have not given you credit, only a link to your site.

Wherever possible, I have tried to portray your country in a favourable light, but I do not take responsibility for periods in your history where there was trouble, turmoil, or cruelty in your country or to its people by some individuals or regimes and unfortunately you cannot erase those periods or sweep them under the proverbial carpet, no matter how embarrassed, ashamed, or angry you may be.

Unfortunately, there is not sufficient information locally that was written in the early centuries to tell stories from the tribal-African perspective. Perhaps this is a challenge to both your emerging authors and to the world wide literary world to do.

Some passages are clearly uncomplimentary, such as those in the page Musings. These are presented not as a slander to your country or its people, but as an illustration of the attitudes of some of the old colonials. The books that the passages were taken from are old but were prevalent in colonial times.

Finally, I must add that German law is restrictive when it comes to what you write and therefore the host server is indemnified from any information and/or links which it feels is defamatory or otherwise. As we have "freedom of speech" in England and I am not familiar with the intricacies of German law, I can only present material and hope that I do not fall foul of the authorities. In this case, I would ask that you write to me concerning anything inappropriate so that I may present your argument to the host server for scrutiny. Their decision on the inclusion or exclusion of any information is final.

Certain pages carry their indemnification notice, written in German. This has been placed there in instances where I myself have felt the subject material may be deemed "sensitive" by them or the German authorities. And in instances where I feel that the German authorities would not like you to go, the links are not clickable. However, the German authorities do not have overall internet jurisdiction and you are welcome to go to any sites you wish.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that photos may show tribal semi-nudity, these are perfectly natural and the state of dress, or lack of it, is perfectly acceptable in those cultures, and they are in no way deemed "pornographic".

Thank you for reading this diatribe.





** As there have been problems with images not loading and images from websites being moved, deleted, or renamed I have now stored the images I need for Blithe Spirit. If anyone has objections to this please contact me by email.

Likewise, midis have been changed to those owned by Beepworld. However some pages contained midis collected from the web which I believe are in the public domain. Permission has been sought to use Jesper Moonen's midi Dream (early version).

Blithe Spirit is a personal website and does not sell any goods, images or midis.





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